Mr. Hoffman has decades of experience in a wide variety of service, manufacturing, wholesale, and retail businesses — in the private, public, and government sectors — in local, national, and international markets.

He has held numerous management positions in almost every area of business including finance, manufacturing, operations, project management, product design and development, mergers and acquisitions, marketing and sales, strategic alliances and partnering, computer systems design and implementation, contracts, purchasing, subcontracts, mediation, negotiations, in-house counsel, real estate acquisition and development, construction, and various other senior and management and operational positions.

In addition, Mr. Hoffman has an extensive, lifetime background in real estate — beginning at an early age when he purchased two investment lots, which he stilll owns, yielding 15% ROI. While attending Grossmont High, he worked for Ed Fletcher Realty holding open houses and assisting his father, a top broker in San Diego County. At that time he also designed a commercial building in El Cajon. Shortly after enrolling at San Diego State University, he helped set up the first condominium policy in San Diego County for one of the largest title companies. Since then he has bought and sold numerous residential, commercial, and investment properties throughout San Diego County.

Mr. Hoffman holds a bachelors and masters degree in business as well as a law degree (all earned over 16 years while working full time). He is a licensed commercial and residential real estate broker (CA #1861208), general contractor (CA#933045), investor, and serial entrepreneur. He has also received numerous awards, certificates, and recognition in a wide variety of fields and served on a number of boards.

We are each a temporary speck of dust in a universe infinite in time and dimension. Every person and creation special and unique. All equal and important. None more entitled or superior, other than artifically as an illusion.